gridX GmbH Did not find the right job? Apply for your "Dream Job" at gridX

Did not find the right job? Apply for your "Dream Job" at gridX

München, Deutschland


At gridX we are building the first digital energy hub that connects decentralized renewable energy producers – such as combined photovoltaic and battery storage systems – with energy consumers. Producers can distribute overcapacity via the energy hub and receive energy if their production is low. People without own production units can even satisfy their entire energy demand through the gridX energy hub. This makes the world independent of large power plants.

Furthermore, our platform changes the way energy is used and experienced. It allows you to track your current energy production and consumption, benchmark it with others, and shrink your energy costs through our intelligent energy management system. In fact, we are the only energy supplier which wants you to reduce your energy usage. Join our highly dedicated team of engineers, programmers and designers on the mission to lift the world to the next energy age!


We are looking for talents on an ongoing basis. It might be that your favorite job is not listed at the moment, which does not mean, that we are not looking for this one in the near future.Do not hesitate to apply and maybe you join us sooner, as you thought!

We are looking forward to your application.


gridX Team